The collective Dulcinéia Catadora was the first Brazilian cardboard publishing initiative. It was launched in 2007, following a collaboration between Lucia Rosa and Peterson Emboava with members of Eloísa Cartonera during the 27th São Paulo Biennial. Currently, it operates within a recycling cooperative in São Paulo, with the intensive participation of Andreia Emboava, Maria Dias da Costa, Eminéia dos Santos and Ágata Emboava – four women who work daily in recycling – and artist Lúcia Rosa. Since 2007, Dulcinéia has published over 130 books of poetry, prose, as well as works by contemporary Brazilian artists. The books are made by cardboard collectors and other professionals who participate in the collective. Dulcinea’s fundamental point is sustainability, based on a strategy of income generation that consists in selling the books and passing this sale value on to the collectors who made them, discounted the production costs.

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