The texts presented here are translations of the poems, stories, and diary entries by nine women from Puente Grande prison in Jalisco, Mexico. They are the result of a series of writing and book-making workshops run by Israel Soberanes, Irene Ortiz Ruelas and Sergio Fong in early 2019. My friends Sergio, Isra and Irene – or “supercartoneras” to me – have dedicated much of their lives to building communities through cultural production in some of Mexico’s most marginalized groups. They threw themselves into this prisoner publishing initiative with vigour and vision, and continue to pursue their invaluable cultural labour both inside and outside Jalisco’s prisons. Meanwhile, the women of Puente Grande have set up their own in-house publishing project, entitled Bote Cartonero or “Cartonera in the Clink”, to inspire more imprisoned women to write and publish.

Please download the PDF below and witness the courage, dedication, and skill these nine imprisoned women have displayed in putting to paper their most intimate stories, feelings, and reflections.

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