Other by: Lucy Bell & Joey Whitfield (eds)

Creative Writing in Prison. A Coursebook


This coursebook is designed to bring the benefits of creative writing to people within the criminal justice system – especially imprisoned or formerly imprisoned people. It offers accessible examples, tips, and activities to help new writers to get started and to spark inspiration in old hands. The book features writers, rappers, publishers and teachers from India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, the US, Ireland, England and Wales. Some became writers while in prison themselves. Others are founders of grassroots, feminist and prison writing collectives, others are experts in prison poetry, literature and writing, others are best-selling authors or young writers who use their writing to fight for human rights, mental health awareness and social justice. What unites all the contributors, is the belief that writing by prisoners is a valuable tool not only for imprisoned and formerly imprisoned authors themselves, but also for the ongoing collective struggle to achieve equality, justice and freedom for all.

This course will preferably (but not necessarily) be used in conjunction with the DVD or Vimeo series Creative Writing in Prison: Tips & Activities from Around the World.

A great resource to inspire new writers. If you think writing’s not for you – look
inside and think again!

Fiona Curran, Director of Arts, Koestler Arts

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Other by: Lucy Bell & Joey Whitfield (eds)

Creative Writing in Prison. A Coursebook

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